Motorola Pro+ announced : Slightly beefier Droid Pro for AT&T

Verizon was first to get it, and Sprint just did but now AT&T will soon have its own version of Motorola’s wannabe BlackBerry phone. The Droid Pro or Xprt aren’t the worst phone’s we’ve seen but both are lacking in the spec department. Luckily for AT&T, the Motorola Pro+ has seen a couple of spec-bumps.

The Pro+ really isn’t anything special. It ships with more memory (4GB vs 2GB), Android 2.3 Gingerbread instead of Android 2.2 Froyo, and Gorilla Glass now adorns the face of the display but that hardly sounds like much of an upgrade if you ask me. From the looks of it, the battery has actually shrunk from 1860 mAh to 1600 mAh, which is just another reason to start scratching your head. T-Mobile will also see a Pro+ variant at some point in the future.

While some may be fans of the keyboard, I for one wish Motorola would just deliver when trying to make a BlackBerry alternative. If you’re going to rip off something else, then you should just play the game and do it right. While Samsung has come a long way at this point with its Galaxy S II (TouchWiz notwithstanding), the original Galaxy S family was a blatant iPhone rip off and if you take a look at its newer devices, it’s BlackBerry-like devices look like BlackBerries. Samsung’s willingness to play the game and step on the toes of its competitors may have gotten them into trouble, but it’s also given the company a lot of success, no matter what you think of these moves.

I’m not saying that everyone so go rip others off but if you’re going to, don’t bring a watered-down piece of hardware to market. You may just come up with something unique along the way. Unique in a good way, that is.

The Pro+ looks like a recycled piece of hardware and it’s hard to be impressed by it. That said, those of you on AT&T and T-Mobile who were craving the Droid Pro or Xprt will soon have your chance.

[Via: Phonescoop]

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