Samsung Galaxy S 2 event live in New York City tonight

The Samsung Galaxy S II is finally arriving in the U.S. and Samsung is kicking things off with an event tonight in New York City. We’ll get to see the AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile models–since Verizon has opted out of the GS2 for something else, something potentially better–and just see what, if any, perks each model has. The event was initially scheduled for Monday, August 29, but due to uncertainties with hurricane Irene, we’re getting treated tonight.

If you’ve been dying to see the hype about the Galaxy S II, and you’d like to see the official U.S. unveiling as it happens, be sure to tune in tonight just before 6 p.m. EDT where we’ll give you live updates and images from the event.

  • Nice

    • Tarverking

      Can’t wait for details!

  • Grant Gubser

    Thank you! I’ve been looking around on engadget and gizmodo and sprintfeed and freakin plain old google search, and I couldn’t find the event time ANYWHERE.

    I am bookmarking, tweeting, liking, +1ing, and all that junk for your site because it actually has details.


  • wonder how this one will be different from the sept 1st announcement

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