SportCaster app brings power of Twitter to your favorite sport

SportCaster app aims to be your one-stop shop for sports

Just in time for the football season, OneLouder has released the SportCaster app as a way to get real-time stats and curated Twitter feeds on your handset. Any sports fans out there should definitely give this app a shot.

The SportCaster app aims to be your one-stop shop for sports goodness, as it will launch with the NFL and college football stats and feeds but it plans to eventually bring on all the major sports (let’s hope there’s an NBA season). Along with things like real-time scores, stats and schedules, the neat thing about this app is that it will draw in curated Twitter feeds to give you more information.

Let’s say the 49ers are playing the Raiders. While watching it on the boob tube, you can pull up the SportCaster app and see the real-time Twitter conversation related to the game. The company’s algorithms and a touch of human curation ensures that you can escape all the noise and just get meaningful links from experts or football players. There are toggles in there too, so if you want to hear what all the “Fans” are saying, you can get that too. There’s even a way to just see what the players are saying, although they have to go dark during the games.

What I like about the SportCaster app is that it’s something I would actually use. It’s not trying to replace the game or be your primary source or sporting entertainment but it’s becoming an extremely useful companion. Look for tablet versions to come out soon and the back-end technology for this app could be applicable to several different markets in future apps.

You can download the Android version here and the iOS version can be found here. Both are free.

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