Spotify announces Embedded Player API, iPad app imminent?

Spotify announced today a brand new developer API by the name of libspotify, or by the more comprehensible name, the Spotify Embedded Player. It’s an iOS-exclusive API that will enable developers to insert the Spotify player into their applications. In the bigger picture, this encourages the development of many third-party apps using their excellent streaming music service.

An iPad app would be most beneficial, since there are plenty of iPad users — including myself — that would enjoy their Spotify playlists on the larger device. I don’t doubt one will be coming out shortly thanks to libspotify. Besides that, there are additional uses for the API. Perhaps developers want to integrate more social features for a truly connected experience. Maybe they just think they could take a better crack at making an app than Spotify did. Either way, the gateway for possibilities is now open. The Spotify music service recently made its way across the ocean into America, and by the looks of it, they are hard at work making improvements. The user base continues to grow rapidly.

Developers that want to get started with the libspotify API might want to check out the documentation or the FAQ. Those bold enough can skip ahead to downloading. Remember, using the API for commercial use requires that developers contact Spotify’s Partner team.

Seriously though, get started on that iPad app.


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