Miso for iPhone now offers synchronized social experience with DirecTV

Social TV startup Miso today announced it’s going beyond the entertainment check-in to offer DirecTV customers the first social TV app synchronized with television viewing, enabling real-time social features that change based on what you’re watching. With it, DirecTV customers get an experience that changes with each switch of the channel. Information like what’s on the schedule for your current channel, program ratings, and discussions are all shown through the iPhone app.

Miso is a social TV platform funded by Google Ventures, which is used by entertainment heavyweights like Fox, Showtime, NBC, TNT, Starz, QVC and Comedy Central. With Miso, users can easily share what they are watching with their friends, post to social networks, and connect with other fans around the shows they love. Miso’s updated iPhone application now pairs with DirecTV receivers over Wi-Fi to automatically show users what’s playing and provide them with an uninterrupted show-sharing experience.

In the release, Miso co-founder Somray Niyogi discusses the company’s new partnership saying, “We want to deliver an experience on the second screen that is customized and personalized for you as you watch TV,” also adding “We see this as a new era around ‘connected social TV,’ where devices are truly communicating with each other to deliver a more seamless and integrated sharing experience.”

Niyogi, believes this is a pretty big step when it comes to sharing, delivering you content, getting answers to questions you might have while watching TV or a combination of all of the above. We’re not sure how this service will translate to the masses, but social TV is apparently the wave of the future, and striking up partnerships with set-top boxes expedites its growth.

You can find more information about the iPhone app at Miso, or download it below, after the demo video.

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    Looks like the iPhone is jsut getting cooler by the day. Amazing.

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