Apps I’m digging lately

Apps I'm digging lately

Since it’s the Friday before a long weekend, I thought I’d take a little time to share some of the apps that I’m digging. As I mentioned in previous posts, these apps aren’t necessarily new or cutting edge but these are the ones I wind up using and clicking more often.

I do tend to skew toward iOS apps because the iPhone is my primary device now but I still have multiple devices around me, so I’m checking out apps on all platforms. We also want to hear what apps you’re digging in the comments.

Jetpack Joyride

Apps I'm digging latelyDamn you, Daniel. I’m not much of a gamer but after reading his Jetpack Joyride review, I quickly snatched the game up for my iPhone and I’ve wasted so much time since then. The game is a momentum-based side scroller where you use a jetpack to collect coins and avoid obstacles. Like Angry Birds, the concept sounds silly when you write it down but the game is tons of fun.

I dig the art style, the sound effects and the playful nods to other games like Tiny Wings. What’s more, Halfbrick has done a great job of including little things that make you want to keep on playing – the slot machine when you die will often give you gifts that make “just one more game” so appetizing. I’ve actually bought some in-app tools too (the Counterfeit machine) and yes, that is the rainbow jetpack you see. It’s a great game that’s easily worth the dollar it costs but beware that it may eat up your time.

You can download Jetpack Joyride here (99 cents, iTunes link).

Stitcher Radio

Apps I'm digging latelyEvery since I threw on the iOS 5 beta on my iPhone, I’ve had trouble putting music on it. It’s one of those things I could fix if I sat down and attacked it but I’ve grown accustomed to using streaming services like Spotify, MOG and Slacker to fulfill my music needs. I’ve also been using a ton of Stitcher Radio to get my podcast fix on.

While I’ve used Stitcher before, I did prefer to download podcasts over the air so I didn’t have to worry about maintaining a connection. Now that it’s my primary podcast app, I’m really liking a lot of its user interface, recommendation engine and the ability to listen to archived episodes. I still think that discoverability could be a bit better but I’ve used Stitcher to find a bunch of cool new podcasts. It’s free, works well, is available on nearly every platform and should be on your phone if you have a passing interest in podcasts.

Stitcher Radio for iPhone (free, iTunes link)
Stitcher Radio for Android (Free, Android Market link)

Amazon Kindle

Apps I'm digging latelyI know the Amazon Kindle app isn’t new or exciting but I’ve made a conscious effort to do more long-form reading. I read and write all day but most of it is about the phone zone or Internet stuff and sometimes my brain needs a break, so I’m using the Kindle app to get that done.

I don’t even think the Kindle has the best interface, as Kobo is doing some neat stuff but the collection Amazon has is second to none and the fact that it can run on my TouchPad, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Honeycomb tablets and within the browser make it the clear choice. Again, it’s not a super exciting pick but this is one I’ve been using a lot of lately.

Amazon Kindle for iPhone (free, iTunes link)
Amazon Kindle for Android (free, Android Market link)


Apps I'm digging latelyEven though I’ve switched to an iPhone, I still have multiple Android handsets around and was really excited to see the Pops app because it lets you customize your notifications and alerts with animations or videos. After installing it, I found that it can get a little annoying depending on which notification you associate it to but I love the idea behind this free app.

I do believe that the notification screen could be the next big battleground in the mobile world, as many people spend a lot of time looking at this. In general, this is a very boring interface that does give you the information needed but it can be spruced up. What’s more, I love how this app shows the potential app makers can have with the more open environment of Android, as I doubt we’ll ever see anything close to this on iOS. Check out the video below for more information on Pops.

Pops (free, Android Market link)

Alright, you’ve heard what apps I’m using lately, so let us know yours in the comments.

  • Rich Bradshaw

    Please, this is an Android area – is there any way you can separate the reviews for IOS and Android into separate topics please? I’d like to play Jetpack Joyride now and its not available on Android – bah 🙂

  • Rich Bradshaw

    Please, this is an Android area – is there any way you can separate the reviews for IOS and Android into separate topics please? I’d like to play Jetpack Joyride now and its not available on Android – bah 🙂

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