Best Buy computers say the iPhone 5 will launch on October 21st

A Best Buy employee with a complete lack of respect for corporate security and authority, which is just the type of guy we like, recently sent an image to the folks at This is my next showing that the retail giant is going to install an “Apple Fixture” on October 21st. What makes this planned showroom rejiggering newsworthy is that this same type of “Apple Fixture” was used when the Apple iPhone 4 launched, and the fact that this installation is scheduled to take place at 06:00 in the morning, whereas normally employees start showing up at 07:00, is just additional proof that October 21st does indeed look to be the date when the next Jesus Phone will be available to us mere mortals. Now when exactly are we going to know what the iPhone 5 looks like, what type of specifications it’ll have, and how much it’s going to cost? Those questions remain unanswered, but there’s a strong likelihood that Apple will soon start sending out invitations for an event that’ll either take place in late September or early October where Tim Cook, the new CEO, will finally spill the beans.

Curiously, this is roughly the same time that Google plans on talking about Ice Cream Sandwich, their next version of Android, and the Nexus Prime, which is set to be the flagship device they’ll sell this holiday season that shows off their operating system the way it was meant to be run, without all the additional crap that hardware makers throw on top of Android in order to differentiate themselves. Also of note is that Nokia World is due to take place on the 26th of October, and that’s when we’ll hear about the first Windows Phones the Finnish handset maker plans to bring to the market.

If you’re a mobile phone fanatic, expect this fall to be mind blowing.

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