Google Plus iOS app gets re-sharing feature via update

Looks like Google+ has finally delivered its new update, which brings the re-share ability many users have been waiting for. A similar upgrade went out about two weeks ago as Google Plus for Android received its new update. News spread when a post by +Punit Soni went up, telling users to be patient as the update becomes available, adding that people should be able to get it soon; leaving a link to the iTunes App Store [here] as well.

This update includes the following changes to the iOS app:

  • Reshare support
  • Set your profile photo
  • Improved autocomplete in Huddle
  • Properly refresh notifications when returning to the app
  • Create new circle from Circles destination
  • Fixed 2-step verification issues
As a G+ user on Android, I’m impressed as to how well Google has responded to its feedback section, where it takes in all suggestions from users who have a gripe about what they believe should be added to the social platform. But this leaves open the question as to when iPad users can expect a Google+ release some time down the road.

I’m not sure why Google is dragging its feet in releasing the app on iPad, but they need to get it in gear.


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