Samsung quad-core Windows 8 tablet could land next week at Build

Windows 8 Samsung tablet could debut next week

Microsoft’s Build Conference is next week and we’ll see if Windows 8 on a tablet can give the iPad a run for its money. Now, rumors suggest that Samsung will have a quad-core tablet ready for the event and these will likely be given away to attendees. Lucky me.

The report suggests that the quad-core processor will likely be the NVIDIA Kal-El we’ve lusted after for many months, as Windows 8 is definitely coming to ARM and Intel doesn’t have this type of chip ready yet. While Samsung is building the tablet itself, the rumblings suggest that Microsoft designed it, which keeps in line with rumors we’ve heard before.

The Windows 8 tablet is supposed to be the next step in computing, as you should be able to dock it at home for a traditional computing experience but take it on the go for a multitouch-friendly tablet experience. This hardware will likely just be a developer tool and not a final product but you can be sure that we’ll see some version of this Samsung Windows 8 tablet land for mass-market consumption.

The tablet effect is very real, just ask HP or Acer. This Samsung Windows 8 tablet will be an important step in understanding whether Microsoft is going to continue to be as big of a player in computing as it has been for the last 20 years.

I will be at Build next week and we’ll be live-blogging the heck out of the keynotes and digging through any piece of hardware we stumble upon. Keep it locked on IntoMobile for the latest, friends.

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  • This article is suggesting that Microsoft was able to port their entire code base to ARM in less then a year….

    • Anonymous

      MS has already confirmed windows 8 will run on ARM. They have been working on windows 8 much longer than a year.

    • Anonymous

      As extDrive said, they’ve been working on Windows 8 for more than a year and have been working on it on ARM for probably roughly the same amount of time. 

  • Guitarskeelz

    Whatever the case, I am interested to see where this goes. Not a fan of Apple’s stuff, and the current line of Android tablets is weakened by a lack of strong desktop apps. I think a tablet-centric Windows 8 could certainly gain traction, and if it’s done well, I’ll be picking one up.

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