Samsung SCH-W689 rocks two SIM card slots, bada OS and clamshell form-factor

Well what do we have here – a bada-powered smartphone that doesn’t come in an all-touchscreen form factor! Rather the Samsung SCH-W689 is a clamshell with two touchscreens, one measuring 3.2 inches and the other one – 3 inches; both of which support WQVGA resolution.

But that’s not all – this little fella’ also rocks two SIM card slots and can work across both GSM and CDMA-based networks. Kinda neat when you think about it, too bad it’s a China only device at the moment.

Rest of the specs include a 455MHz CPU (is that enough?), 3.2-megapixel camera, GPS, 3G EV-DO Rev. A and Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0, 1500mAh battery and a microSD memory card slot. Bada 1.1 (not 2.0) is running the show.

Now if Samsung can make Bada do this (handle multiple networks and screens) maybe there’s a future for their platform. This is not to say Android can’t do the same, it’s just that this could give the Korean company an edge when fighting for consumers’ hearts and minds in the emerging markets. In theory, they should be able to cut costs of their low-to-mid range phones by using bada instead of Android – bada doesn’t require gigahertz processors to run things smoothly. What do you think?

[Via: SammyHub]

  • Mdh5000

    yes thats a cool phone would wish that i could buy it in denmark 

    but denmark is not a clamshell country i really miss that formfactor .(( 

  • Ali

    Thank you Dusan!
    yes you are right 🙂 

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