DotEmu releases the arcade classic R-Type on Android today

A few weeks ago, we received word developer DotEmu was working on the final touches to bring R-Type to Android gamers. They promised the game would be released on September 12th, and by golly, that’s exactly what they did.

For anyone that didn’t grow up with a video game controller in their hands instead of a bottle of milk, R-Type is a side-scrolling shmup (shoot-em-up) that has players piloting the R-9a Arrowhead. You’ll go up against a number of enemy space ships as well as defensive turrets and lasers in order to save humanity from the Bydo Empire.

The Android version of R-Type includes the full, original game with two difficulty modes and new control system. All of the power-ups, enemies, and levels have all been successfully recreated. And now, you can share your score with friends via OpenFeint, unlike writing down my score in my school notebook to brag to my friends the next day at school.

If you know exactly what R-Type is and have played it in the past, I’m sure you’ll want to be picking up the Android version so you can relive the glory days when side-scrolling shoot-em-ups were king. As for you young whipper snappers with your Halos and God of Wars, why don’t you try playing a game like R-Type to see if you can take on the challenge of this classic game from the 80s.

R-Type ($2.99) – [Android Marketplace Link]

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