Google Goggles updated with new sharing options

Google Goggles, the application that uses pictures to search the web received an update and its new version 1.6 enhances the camera on your Android-powered phone. This is the first significant update since its addition of personal notes a few months back.

The 1.6 update promises to make your smartphone’s camera “smarter” with this new opt-in feature in Goggles, users can set the app to automatically scan all pictures taken from the camera application on their phones.

This feature is suppose to create its magic in the background by sending users a notification if it is able to identify a landmark, painting or other object from your picture. If Goggles does make a match, you can go into the Goggles application and share with your friends via your search history. Not bad, right?

Well, Google Goggles has been an interesting project by the search giant, as it improves the platform trying to get more people to use it. I myself, have yet to find any use for it in my day to day task, Goggles strikes me as a luxury app not an app of necessity.

But if you’re interested in giving this new and improved version a go, all you have to do is install/update Google Goggles on your Android 2.1+ device, and simply go into the settings and click the “Search from Camera” button to set this feature up on your device. Be sure to report back to us with your thoughts.

[via Google Mobile]


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