Top 20 Android apps by gender led by Facebook, Google Maps and Gmail


A study conducted by Nielsen showed the top 20 Android apps by gender, and to nobody’s surprise Facebook, Google Maps and Gmail were the most used among U.S. owners 18 years and older (if you don’t count the Android Market app itself). In order for Nielsen to establish the “active reach” of each app, the company had to track the percentage of Android owners who used an app within the past 30 days, with help from on-device meters on thousands of Android smartphones.

As you can see in the chart above, streaming music service Pandora and two versions of the popular game Angry Birds showed similar usage by both men and women. Clearly destroying green pigs is a pastime that crosses gender boundaries.

What wasn’t so surprising to me were notable differences between men and women in active reach for social apps. I’d like to think that we can all agree women are far more social than men. Results show Facebook’s mobile app had an active reach of 81 percent for women compared to 69 percent for male Android users, while Twitter also had slightly higher active reach among women (16.5%) than men (13.4%). However, Google+, Google’s new social network, had more than twice the active reach among men (15.8%) than women (7.2%). Why do you think that is?

Other noteworthy apps include Amazon’s Kindle, Words With Friends, and Quickoffice Pro — kind of bummed they didn’t have Documents to Go on the list, though. Ladies, which apps do you use most? Does this graph seem accurate?


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