RIM posts Q2 results: revenue down 15% from last quarter, shipped 200,000 PlayBooks

RIM just posted their fiscal Q2 2012 results prior to a conference call starting at 5 PM EST. Here are the highlights, according to the release.

  • Revenue in the second quarter was $4.2 billion and service revenue surpassed $1 billion for the first time
  • GAAP net income of $329 million or $0.63 per fully diluted share; adjusted net income of $419 million or $0.80 per fully diluted share
  • The BlackBerry subscriber base grew 40% year over year to surpass 70 million
  • RIM’s largest roll-out of BlackBerry smartphones was initiated with 7 new smartphones launched with over 90 carrier and distribution partners in 30 countries during the latter part of Q2
  • Approximately $780 million was invested as part of a consortium of companies that successfully bid to acquire intellectual property assets from Nortel
  • BlackBerry smartphone shipments in Q3 are estimated to grow between 27-37% over Q2 shipments

That revenue is down 15% from last quarter, and 200,000 PlayBook tablets shipped. Not only does that pale to the iPad’s progress, but that’s not even how many of the tablets have actually sold – it’s just how many have been sent to retail.

RIM is expecting $5.3 – $5.6 billion in revenue next quarter, which is a bit more optimistic, but RIM has had to dial back their forecasts before. We’ll be sure to let you know if anything interesting comes up in the conference call. In the meantime, you can dig deeper into RIM’s Q2 results in a PDF over here.

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