Angry Birds surpasses 350 million downloads!

Angry Birds craze doesn’t seem to stop. The Finnish company Rovio has built an empire around the popular bird-tossing game, selling t-shirts, lunch boxes, speakers and other goodies. There are three Angry Birds titles available — the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio — which combined have surpassed 350 million downloads. That’s an impressive figure, but that’s not all – according to Rovio’s general manager Andrew Stalbow, mobile device users play the game for more than 300 million minutes each day collectively.

Obviously with these figures it shouldn’t be a problem for Rovio to get more money to further expand its operations and reach, and who knows – one day they could actually license its characters for the official Angry Birds theme park, unlike the one currently operating in China.

Speaking of money, the company is currently in a round of funding that may value the company at more than $1.2 billion.

[Via: jostiq]

  • Mdanialk

    murah lah sikit

  • More and more people buy mobile phones and tablets each day, so the growing Angry Birds mania have no chance to stop 🙂

  • Are this number from ISO or ISO and Android?

  • Anonymous

    Wow thats a pretty amazing number dude. Seriously.

  • Really!?!?

    And it is such a lame game, too.  Same garbage rehashed over and over and over again.  Crazy that there are that many fanatics out there. 

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