Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 priced at $469.99

Are you looking for an Android tablet but don’t want to settle for the usual 7 and 10.1 inch varieties? Worry not, as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 has received its official pricing for the US and should land on shelves very soon.

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is just as powerful than its 10.1 inch brother, but ships with the obvious smaller display, and because of that we weren’t surprised to hear that the price of the 8.9 isn’t much cheaper than the 10 incher. Starting at $469.99, the Tab 8.9 is virtually identical to its larger variant but can be wielded in one hand and weighs only 447 grams. While it may not be as comfortable as holding a 7 inch tablet in one hand, the Tab 8.9 is much more manageable and is just overall more portable than the 10.1, which should appeal to many.

With the 16GB version running you $469.99, if you’re looking for more storage, expect to pay $100 more for the 32GB version. It’s nice to see a device that’s not unlike another product in the family but is there solely to satisfy a person’s personal opinion and needs opposed to a one size fits all product where you can only choose the color and storage capacity, and I’m not just talking about the iPad. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 hits a nice middle ground with what’s currently available today, especially when you don’t see tablets of its size all that often.

So while we’re excited for the Galaxy Tab 8.9’s arrival, we do know that bigger things are on their way and question the timing of the tablet. We’re not too far away from seeing NVIDIA’s quad-core processor, Kal-El, land in tablets and we know that it will bring a whole new level to graphics performance. Of course, the Tegra 2 is no chump, either, but we’re now in a “wait and see” time, in my opinion.

Anyone interested in this Galaxy Tab 8.9 or will you be waiting for the LTE version to land first?

[Via: Engadget, Samsung]

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