T-Mobile stores prepping for BlackBerry Curve 9360 launch

The BlackBerry Curve 9360 has been out in Canada for a couple of weeks now, but we’re still waiting for a U.S. release. T-Mobile may be getting theirs soon, though, as briefing materials have begun arriving at retail locations. The last firm-ish date we had for T-Mobile in particular was September 14,  but since that’s out the window, it’s anyone’s guess as to when this thing will actually hit shelves. At least pricing is expected to be in the neighbourhood of $229.99 off-contract.

The BlackBerry Curve 9360 is RIM’s next entry-level smartphone launching alongside a handful of other OS 7 devices. It’s got a 2.4-inch 480 x 360 display, 800 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. I actually got my unit from Rogers last week, and will be posting a full review hopefully before the weekend. In the meantime, check out my brief hands-on with the BlackBerry Curve 9360 over here.

Although T-Mobile is now selling the new Bold 9900, we’re also waiting on the Torch 9860 on top of the Curve. The back-to-school rush is just about wrapped up, so unless these two BlackBerry devices launch closer to the holidays, they may be sandwiched in a lull between the two busy seasons. Look at it this way; in the middle of next month, we’ll be getting our first look at QNX on smartphones. Will anyone be interested in investing in the old BlackBerry OS after seeing it?

[via TmoNews]

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