Mobile travel organizer TripIt launches Windows Phone app

Good news for frequent flyin’ Windows Phone users – TripIt just launched its travel organizer app for Microsoft’s mobile platform, allowing travelers to access all their travel plans and share them while on the go.

If you don’t know what TripIt is, you’re probably not travelling a lot — otherwise you would be using it for every trip you take. It makes organizing travel much easier, removing the need to search for flight numbers in the inbox. Instead, the second you get your itinerary, simply forward it to and let TripIt do all the magic in the background. Yep, it will figure out what that email is all about and pull the information you need, only to provide you with the access at any time you need it.

What’s more, there’s the premium version of the service that acts like a personal travel assistant to include status alerts and fare refund opportunities. Unlike the free app, TripIt Pro could be yours for $49 per year…

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