Windows Phone Starter Kit for WordPress promises to flood the Zune Marketplace with blog apps

It’s all about the app count these days. If you want a successful platform, you need to have quite a few applications available for users. Microsoft knows this and has committed a ton of resources to push developers to make Windows Phone apps.

Their latest tool goes one step further in that direction, allowing every WordPress blog owner to make his or her mobile app. The new Windows Phone Starter Kit for WordPress is super-easy to use, requiring changing of a single line of configuration file to work.

The official description goes like this:

This starter kit helps you turn a WordPress blog into a Windows Phone application quickly and easily. By uploading a pre-written WordPress plugin and changing one line of configuration file, your Windows Phone application is able to connect to and read from your WordPress blog. All that will remain is the creative theming of your application to match your blog!

Needless to say, blog owners will also be able to moderate comments, while app fine-tuning is available for those running Visual Studio on their computers.

[Via: Engadget]

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