Oh look, Samsung is suing Apple again

I wonder if anybody reads these articles and thinks “Wow, I’m honestly shocked!” anymore. Yes, Samsung is adding even more lawsuits against Apple to its list.

This news comes just ten days after we reported the previous suit. The main goal is to ban Apple from selling iOS devices in the Netherlands, particularly the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, and iPad 2.

The complaints are regarding the 3G technologies in Apple’s products. Since these are standard in mobile phones throughout the world, I’m curious to find out why Samsung is suing just Apple. Again. Well, it’s probably because Apple is going after Samsung in courts at every turn too.

Here’s what Lee Younghee, head of global marketing for mobile communications at Samsung has to say about it:

We’ll be pursuing our rights for this in a more aggressive way from now on. […] We’ve been quite respectful and also passive in a way. However, we shouldn’t be … anymore.

That pretty much translates into “It’s time to kick some ass.” An anonymous Samsung executive also said as soon as the iPhone 5 hits market, the company is planning on suing that phone too. Apparently, it would be impossible to sell it without Samsung’s patents.

These two kids just can’t play nice in the sandbox. For most of 2011, the smartphone manufacturers have been arguing back and forth. Apple issued a couple of lawsuits against Samsung toward the beginning of the year. After that, it seems as if Samsung just got fed up and fired a few back. The argument has spread publicly around the world. Germany, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands are all involved.

Seriously, that’s enough.

[via InformationWeek]

  • Trdracer21

    why dont u write !!!! APPLE SUING THE HOLE WORLD AGAIN AGAIN!!!

  • 24kfamily

    Move to Korea if you think Samsung is such an “originator.”  By the way, how many people do they employ in the States? 

    Seriously, some of you people need to wake up.  Samsung is doing what every semi-industrialized Asian nation’s companies have done for over a century.  COPY, and claim it’s their own end-product design.  They couldn’t be happy enough with Apple spoon-feeding them profits from the parts ordered for the successful Iphone….of course not.  They want to go a backdoor route, supply parts, copy design (which they would be “in the know” by virtue of their role of parts supplier) then sell a similar (but flawed) product.  Ever heard of double-dipping?  That is what I call greed.  Samsung is full of crap. 

    I hope the Iphone destroys every sales record ever known in the mobile industry when it’s released.

    • 90K annual software engineer

      I really like how ignore you are by stating your reasons without knowing and understanding all sources.  You probably do not know that Samsung IS the worlds largest producer to memory chips, 2nd largest chipmaker, and the largest manufacturer for lcd tvs.

      Apple is only suing Samsung in regards to the close resemblance of the Galaxy tabs to the Ipad.  I strongly agree on that aspect.  Apple should be happy that Samsung even made a contract for parts to be used in the Iphone.  Samsung never said anything when Apple got all the fame and glory on the Iphone…until NOW because Apple is suing over PRODUCT DESIGN and enforcing nations to BAN the Galaxy tab from being sold in those countries.  That is absolutely none sense! I would understand why Samsung wants to fight back!

      However, your spouting none sense about double dipping, copying designs only to “sell a similar (but flawed) product”….TO ME YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS FULL OF CRAP…so just shut your mouth!

      • R2i72t

        I think you meant to say “ignorant” 90k hahahahah

        Samsung did screw up though! their designs look so similar to the iphones and ipad! 

        EY 24Kfamily dood! SHUT UP! LOL YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOURE TALKING ABOUT MAN!! apple uses hella shit from samsung!! know your stuff before you talk LOL

      • 24kfamily

        If you read my rant properly, you will notice I said, essentially, Samsung is taking advantage of a priviledged relationship it has with Apple as a major parts supplier.  That relationship will put Samsung “in the know” of a lot of the design requirements/specs for Apple’s upcoming products.  I’ve lived in S.Korea .  Understand that.  LIVED there for 2 years and 7 months.  Korean’s are NOTORIOUS for copying/immitating popular U.S. products.  Movies, clothes, software, electronics, and it goes on.  Maybe you’re just a teenager ranting and weren’t old enough to understand what the unfair trade arguments were about in the 80’s between the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and several American Fortune 500 companies. But it was all about how how there is a different rule of law when popular American products enter Asian countries.  Also, the Samsung has something you will never see in this country, well two things.  It has the entire nation behind the brand AND the Korean government too.  Oh, by the way, read about the big 5 in Korea during the Korean banking crisis in 1999-2002.  The governement had to step in and oversee the restructruring of the 5 major Korea companies.  There is a lot YOU don’t know.  A LOT.  Before you open your mouth, you need to take a trip to Korea.  Hang out in Itaewon (during daytime) and hit up the EM (Electronics Market) and come back and tell me Apple doesn’t have a point about their brand and their design being worked over without their consent in Korea, or Asia in general. 

        I also suggest, you need to take a reading comprehension  class (and spelling) while at it. (Or use spell check now and then).

  • DI3 Apple DI3, may the shit be with you and may the judge piss on your appeals

  • Anonymous

    Lets make one thing clear, Samsung has not developed it’s own mobile technology, but is taking a free ride on Android and copying desigh features from Apple. Seems to remind me of Google which is freeloading on patented tehnology from Microsoft, Oracle and Apple. This has to stop, otherwise companies wordwide would stop developing new technologies and just “steal” others technologies. Sueing those companies who infringe on other companies patents is the only way to stop this. Samsung, like Google are like spoiled brats, who cheat and when they get sued, claim that they are unfairly treated and demand that justice be done to them. They should know better, invest and develop their own patented technology (which also creates new jobs). Patents protect competition on fare grounds and gives companies (also start-ups) the ability to develop their own technology and grow. What if someone stole Google search technology before they became marketleader?? Would Google have appreciated that?? What if companies stole Samsung chip technology before they became market leader in that field?? 

    • Ur an apple fanboy right? I don’t say samsung google and other companies didn’t copy from each other, they did, but none of them started patent trolling. Apple thought he is a big bad boy, but he’s not. It’s just like any other company out there, they more or less depend on each other. Sooner or later the rope around apple’s neck will tighten and then they will come to an agreement with both parts being happy(I hope this will come soon, cause this only holds back innovation)

  • 144kMobileFieldEngineer

    Good luck to Samsung and all other smart device companies, without them there would be no competition in this market to bring the price of Apple’s products down to a more affordable level.

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