Samsung to announce new 7-inch Galaxy Tab or Nexus Prime at CTIA? Both?

We’re just a few short weeks away from CTIA, we’re expecting quite a few announcements within that time. While doing some digging on the CTIA site, someone tipped off GSMArena about some interesting finding within CTIA’s Hot for the Holidays Award Finalists list, which includes two unannounced devices. Could these devices possibly be either the Nexus Prime or a new 7 inch Galaxy Tab?

What gives this rumor legs, you ask? Well, it’s a rumor and it really doesn’t have much to stand on but we can at least expect to have Sammy announce a new product of some sort, be it the Nexus or not, at some point at CTIA.

Two categories have unnamed products that have found their way into the finalist positions; one from Samsung and one from an unknown manufacturer. The first device is found in the Gamer and Entertainment Enthusiasts category. One of the three simply says, “A product to be announced from Samsung Mobile, Samsung Telecommunications America.” While this could be a handset, given that the two other products in the category are tablets, The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 8.9, respectively, this new product may be the new 7 inch Galaxy Tab.

We haven’t heard much about Sammy’s latest 7 incher as of late, but we have heard that it will be rocking a Super AMOLED display and arrive sometime in the fall, which we heard back in June. At the time, it was expected that the tablet wouldn’t be shipping with Android Honeycomb but Gingerbread instead, and while that’s entirely possible, we can imagine that the latest iteration in the Galaxy Tab family would at least be running Android 3.x. With the Galaxy Tab 7.7 already announced (and likely won’t come to the U.S.), could this be the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab Plus we saw just last week?

The other product that is a no-show lies in the Shutterbug category. Since the product is under embargo, there’s really no telling as to what it could be. Of course, all eyes are on a Nexus Prime announcement but with no manufacturer to speak of, this one is best left to the imagination. Plus, many have pegged the Nexus/Ice Cream Sandwich announcement for late October, and while we remain optimistic, we wouldn’t be surprised if Google has its own event for the next-gen Nexus announcement.

Whatever the two devices in question turn out to be, we can at least expect a few new product announcements at CTIA and what more could we really ask for?

[Via: GSMArena, CTIA]

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