Miso adds Dexter to second screen TV experience

Recently, the Miso app for iPhone plugged in to the DirecTV set-top box, allowing you to follow shows with useful secondary info and reactions from folks who are watching the same thing.  Now Showtime has enabled Dexter to play nice with Miso, so you can learn lots more about what’s going on around the famous serial killer.

Basically, as the show plays, stuff pops up in the app associated with a specific point in the timeline, and keeps it in sync with your DirecTV box over the local Wi-Fi network. Information can range from Wikipedia articles about guest stars, show soundtrack with direct links to Spotify, script snippets, and even more community-based interaction, asking your feedback on big moments in the show. Particularly great bits of info you can mark with a heart for future reference, or leave a comment on for others to see. Of course, Miso also lets you check in to any TV show, share what you’re watching with friends on Facebook and Twitter, and earn badge rewards while you’re at it.

I don’t tend to watch a lot of TV, but if anything would get me more engaged with what’s on screen, it would be an ongoing stream of relevant, interactive data relating to the show. It’s not uncommon to do a quick IMDB search in the middle of show to try to figure out where I’d seen such-and-such an actor before, and to get that fed directly and automatically to my phone without having to fiddle around is just plain smart.

If you want to give Miso a shot, you can download it below. Dexter also has an iOS app linked below, if you really want to dig into the show.

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