T-Mobile: We’re not getting the iPhone but we have Android

T-Mobile says it probably won't get the iPhone

While we’re gearing up for the next iPhone introduction, T-Mobile just posted an open letter to customers which indicates that it won’t be getting the iPhone but that its current crop of high-end Android phones like the Amaze 4G and the Galaxy S II are just as good, if not better.

In the letter, T-Mobile says that there are already more than 1 million unlocked iPhone running on T-Mobile’s network which is pretty shocking when you consider that these Apple users are only getting EDGE speeds. Still, it is focusing on Android for the time being.

We’ve heard from many customers who love their T-Mobile service, but are disappointed that we don’t carry the iPhone. To these customers, first, thank you for your business. Please know that we think the iPhone is a great device and Apple knows that we’d like to add it to our line-up. Today, there are over a million T-Mobile customers using unlocked iPhones on our network. We are interested in offering all of our customers a no-compromise iPhone experience on our network.

That no-compromise approach may be tough for Apple to swallow because it would have to use the AWS bands to have a great T-Mobile experience but I don’t see Apple bending over backwards to support this for a carrier that may soon be swallowed by AT&T. What do you think T-Mobile fans, are

  • Guest

    I don’t see why Apple would have to bend itself backwards to make a T-Mobile compatible iPhone. T-Mobile users are begging for it, they have been for many years now. It would be an instant success on that network. The 1 million + iPhone users on T-Mobile would obviously opt for an up-to-date iPhone and at a discount price with the ability to use the network’s full 3g or 4g potential. And the recent stats saying that 75% of the customers use smartphones with 90% of them being Android, that says a lot about how much of a hit the iPhone would be on this network. A carrier the size of T-Mobile cannot disappear from one year to the next, and even if it was bought out by another carrier, I doubt it would cease to be “T-Mobile”, it would still operate as an independent, same prices, same phones, but under a bigger carrier. 

    • Littlesis1774

      I don’t this is Apple fault because they know their customers want the phone but they refused get it. If T-mobile does not make until year they only have themselves to blame. I don’t know how true this is but I heard that Apple went them first but Tmobile turned them down.

      • cisom

        Verizon Wireless passed on the chance to be the exclusive distributor of the iPhone in during a meeting in late 2005 (the iPhone was in development at the time of the meeting), balking at Apple’s rich financial terms and other demands.Among other things, Apple wanted a percentage of the monthly cellphone fees, say over how and where iPhones could be sold and control of the relationship with iPhone customers, said Jim Gerace, a Verizon Wireless vice president. “We said no. We have nothing bad to say about the Apple iPhone. We just couldn’t reach a deal that was mutually beneficial.”

        • Biro

          All of my other wireless devices – and even my desktop – are Mac. And, with the latest OS and software, they all talk to each other very nicely. I have no desire to wedge an Android phone into the middle of all of this. I also don’t like the fact that Android has become the most-popular OS target for hackers and malware these days (not Android’s fault, it’s just become so popular). My T-Mobile contract expires next July. I have nothing against the company (they’ve certainly been easy to live with in most ways) but if they don’t have the iPhone by then, I will leave.

      • Bentlypimp

        its true.. BECAUSE TMOBILE were idiots!!

  • cbc420

    This is definitely a T-mobile decision to not put the iPhone in their line up.  TMO Germany has fewer customers than TMO USA and they have the iPhone and will be getting the newest one.  Considering the number of subscribers a couple of Canadian Wireless providers have (along with TMO USA) that are compatible with the AWS spectrum, I would say it easily puts it above 40 million users. 

    I think its a tactic TMO executives are using to diminish their user count so that it would project to the DOJ that Tmobile can’t survive without being bought out by AT&T.  Remember, if they get bought out, that means BIG bonuses to the Tmobile Execs!!  If DTE really wants to leave the US market, why are they wanting 8% of AT&T???

  • IF t-mobile supported their Android phones maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal.
    The burnt the Motorola Cliq (their first available android phone) users with no upgrade options and now they are foresaking the original Samsung Galaxy S users.

    Peoplearen’t going to buy new Android devices from T-mobile simply because TMO stops issuing updates for the device, they wil just move on to another carrier.
    I’ve been with TMO for over 10 years (since before they were Tmobile) and as soon sa my contract expires I am GONE.

  • Drummerjack

    No iphone when my contract is up and I am gone. I’ve waited long enough

  • Bentlypimp

    We dont care about andriod we want iPhone.. has anyone noticed how tmobile keeps switching the subject on all its customer.. for example if someone mentions why are we getting the iPhone or we want the iphone… tmobile will say somthing nice and switch it up and start talking about the shitty andriods.. JUST GET US THE IPHONES! we are your customers.. with us you guys arent anything!!!

  • The android is all nice and swell, but synchronizing calendars and contacts with a Mac using Android is a nightmare!!!! If you want to push the Droid, then make a sync app that will provide a full sync with the Mac.

  • Disgruntled

    My contract is up in March.  If no iPhone by then, then I leave tmo after 10 years.
    That’s family plan with monthly billings > $75/mo that I take with me.

  • LauraKoval

    As soon as my T-Mobile contract expires I’m switching to whatever network there is which uses iPhone. T-Mobile seems to hold its customers by giving hopes, by spreading rumors that maybe, someday it will carry an iphone… But, no… over and over again it’s all the same. They say T-Mobile may carry iPhone in 2012…hm…let’s see…
    The only beauty in Android devices is Google. But besides that it leaves much to be desired…
    T-Mobile please listen to your users, give us an iphone…. and then, let us decide what to spend our money for.


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