DirectTV and GetGlue snuggle up on couch with iPad and iPhone

Following up on Miso’s DirecTV partnership, entertainment check-in app GetGlue is getting on board with direct linking to set-top boxes too. Now the GetGlue iPhone app can detect DirecTV on the same Wi-Fi network, pair up with it, and offer quick access to check-ins with whatever you’re watching at any given moment. On the iPad, DirecTV’s app now offers GetGlue check-ins alongside all of the other program trivia. DirecTV is even including GetGlue integration right alongside Facebook and Twitter sharing from the native TV menus. Using your remote, you can also see your friends’ GetGlue stream and jump right into watching shows they’ve recently checked-in to.

While this is great news for GetGlue’s TV section, you can also use the mobile app to share what books you’re reading, what games you’re playing, what movies you’re watching, what wine you’re enjoying – all sorts of stuff.

Most mobile apps for TV until now have been strictly utilitarian – offering remote DVR recording, on-device streaming, guide look-ups and the like. For that reason, I’m a big fan of these GetGlue and Miso tie-ins; at a very core level, they’re helping TV become social, even if you don’t have your buddies in the same room. I hope other TV service providers get a clue and strike up partnerships with the right apps and social networks so this can become a more standard part of the experience. Hey, it might even get me to ditch Netflix and go back to cable.

Links to both GetGlue and DirecTV apps are available below.


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