What do you want from the next iPhone?

What do you want from the iPhone 5?

Depending on how you feel about tomorrow, you’re probably really excited about tomorrow’s announcement or can’t wait for it to be over so we can stop talking about every single, possible iPhone 5 rumor.

We’ve already rounded up the major rumors and it looks like we’re in store for an iPhone 4S with a similar form factor to the iPhone 4 but with better processing, a boosted camera and more software features like the voice-controlled Assistant. There’s still the possibility that we get the radically redesigned iPhone 4 that’s in a teardrop shape and it could even land exclusively on Sprint for a few months.

You know what we expect, so now it’s your turn. What do you expect Apple to show off tomorrow? What do you want to be in there? Will Steve Jobs make an appearance. Let it rip in the comments and join us early Oct. 4 for live coverage.

  • One Universal iPhone that will work on ANY carrier in the Entire WORLD and that includes every single GSM and CDMA frequency that exists.  Unlocked of course.

  • Pure and Simple, NFC. I probably won’t be purchasing the iphone, but if any company is going to accelerate the uptake of NFC, it’s going to be apple. The whole mobile world would benefit from that move

    • Anonymous

      I agree but if they don’t include it in this version and put it in next year’s, is that going to make that much of a difference? 

  • Tyler

    There won’t be a teardrop shaped iphone. That’s been, by far, the dumbest (and most annoying) rumor out there. It also won’t be another 3g/3gs scenario. The design will be similar to the ipod touch (without the gloss) or a miniature ipad 2. 4 inch screen is likely (no bigger) and it will be significantly thinner. I think the difference between the iphone 4 & 5 will be very similar to the difference between the ipad and ipad 2 from a hardware perspective, both physical and internal. Then add ios 5 and there you go…

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