New iPhone 4S may not be just an updated version of iPhone 4

Word is that two iPhone models are going to be announced during Apple’s event tomorrow: a brand new iPhone 5, and an iPhone 4S, which was suspected to be a slightly upgraded version of the current iPhone 4. However, it might be receiving a bigger dose of treatment than just minor bumps in specs.

BGR seems to believe that the coming iPhone 4S ” is going to be a pretty substantial bump as opposed to just an incremental update, as many are speculating.” While BGR doesn’t get into specifics, or tell us things we didn’t already know, it sounds like we’re in for more than what we’ve been expecting:

On the inside, we’re looking at a dual-core A5 processor with amazing graphics support, an 8-megapixel backlit camera sensor for professional quality photographs and full 1080p HD video recording, 1GB of RAM, Apple’s Assistant service, and more. That alone makes this upgrade a big deal, and in terms of the device’s exterior and the display, I think we might all be in for a few pleasant surprises there as well.

Apple has almost always pulled a few surprises with previous iPhone models and it usually leaves us feeling a bit overwhelmed. This time around, because we can only expect so much, it’s likely that the folks in Cupertino will do it again.

Either way, we’re less than a day away from seeing all the new goodies for ourselves.

[Via: BGR]

  • What if the 4s is merely the Sprint version?

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