Report: Amazon sold nearly 100,000 Kindle Fire units on first day of pre-orders

How is that whole Kindle Fire thing working out for Amazon so far? Pretty damn well, actually. According to eDataSource, a market research firm, pre-order sales for the Kindle Fire reached 95,000 on the first day it was made available. That’s a lot of fire.

Compared to Apple’s iPad, the number of pre-orders is on the low side of things. eDataSource originally estimated sales of around 350,000 for the iPad’s first day on the market, and that statistic proved accurate when Apple later announced they sold “over 300,000.” Carter Nicholas, CEO of eDataSource, says the firm is able to calculate sales within hours through its “panel of 800,000 inboxes allows us to gain insight into eCommerce sales.” However, when we compare the Kindle Fire to the other tablets that tried stealing some of the iPad’s thunder, it’s clear Amazon hit a home run so far. RIM sold only 200,000 PlayBooks throughout its entire second quarter, let alone a single day.

Last week, we reported that Amazon may be losing money with every Kindle Fire sold. It seems the company is fully prepared to lose that money, so it can gain it back through different means like the Kindle book store. Consumers are definitely liking that $199 price tag too, so it’s a win for everyone. In fact, IntoMobile’s own Marin Perez was one of the people to shell out a couple of Benjamins.

[via BGR]

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