For Apple and developers, iPhone is the goose that lays golden eggs

Apple just announced during its iPhone 5 event this morning that there are now over 250 million iOS devices out there. And it is making a killing on apps along with its developers. There are more than 500,000 apps for iOS, and over 140,000 made specifically for the iPad. Impressive compared to Android’s paltry numbers.

Moreover, over 18 billion apps have been downloaded to date, with a rate of 1 billion apps being downloaded per month! Developers have been paid a total of $3 billion so far by Apple, and there doesn’t seem to be a decline in growth so far.

The iPhone and iPad are currently printing money and laying golden eggs for Apple and developers, and the coming iPhone 5 is undoubtedly going to add more fuel to that fire. Anticipation for the device has been incredibly high, but the iPhone 4 continued to sell very well. In fact, Tim Cook said today that the iPhone 4 comprises half of the total sales of all iPhones since Apple began selling the device. Impressive.


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