Apple announces iPhone app to make and mail greeting cards

One of the fluffier bits to come out of the Apple event today was a new app called Cards. It lets you make greeting cards on an iPhone, and Apple will ship it anywhere in the U.S. for $2.99, or $4.99 outside of the U.S. Push notifications are included in the app, so you know when the USPS has made the delivery.

Apple has been known to get a little fun with their apps, such as with Photo Booth for the iPad 2, but the greeting card thing seems like a bit of a stretch for Apple. Printing and shipping and all that continuous effort seems like a lot to dedicate within a company that should be spending its time making gadgets. Besides, there are already services like Postagram that do this kind of thing for way cheaper.

In any case, if this kind of thing is your bag, Cards for iPhone will be available starting October 12 in the App Store, along with the rest of iOS 5.


  • Awesome, Apple just validated the mobile cards market.
    So far – all according to plan…

  • Laurie H.

    It may appeal to some, but still puts the money in Apple’s pocket. It doesn’t beat SendOutCards who send at a fraction of the cost, allow card senders to use their own handwriting, signatures and photos, and pay card senders for sharing the service with others. Interesting that a company that focuses on gadgets would take on a printing service but, perhaps knowing SendOutCards is fast becoming the Netflix of the greeting card industry has peaked their interest. đŸ™‚

  • Jill

    Apple is going to charge $2.99 for a two paneled card with a full colored photo and postage. A similar card from SendOutCards is about $3.50 (unless you buy 50 points for $39 to bring the price down, then it’s close) and you can’t just buy one card with money, you have to buy SendOutCards “points”. To get your own handwriting, you need to purchase “an installer file” for an additional $99.00

    Then you get a continual sales pitch for thenSendOutCards multi-level marketing business opportunity which brings in an income– according to their 2010 income disclosure chart–an average annual income for all distributors of $478.00. It costs $457 to buy into selling the opportunity, plus $31 a month ($372 a year, unless you get enough customers to cover that cost and none ever drop out) plus a $59 yearly renewal fee. All so you can shill this to your friends and family.

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