Google Wallet hacked to all Nexus S phones

Google Wallet hacked to all Nexus S phones

You may’ve been looking to Sprint’s Nexus S 4G users with a dose of envy, cause they can use Google Wallet and you can’t. If you happen to own the original (GSM-based) version of the Nexus S, you still have to wait for the search giant to release its mobile payments service for your device. No more… there is a way to hack yourself to the promise of modern mobile money transfers.

As you can imagine, this isn’t something everyone should do — you’ll need some tech skills and an adventurous spirit to try out new stuff. If that’s on place, you’ll have to root your Nexus S and cram Nexus S 4G’s ROM on it, using custom ROMs from XDA-Developers’ forums (stock ROMs are here if you need them).

The problem, however, is that Google and MasterCard are giving $10 credits to everyone who signs-up for the new service and I’m not sure they’re going to like to see more users demanding their cash. Then again, we’re talking about super-rich companies, which may not even notice a slight change on their accounts. ūüėČ

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Think this new technology is great but for mass adoption the merchant fee structures need to change to¬†incentivise¬†retailers

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