Infinity Blade 2 launching December 1st with support for iOS 5 and iCloud

During today’s Apple event announcing the iPhone 4S, Epic Games’ Mike Capps took the stage to announce the sequel to one of the greatest iOS games to date: Infinity Blade 2.

Infinity Blade 2 will improve on the original with breathtaking visuals, new locations, rewards, treasures, and will take players deeper into the its mysterious story. Players will be given access to new fighting styles and weapon classes to help combat opponents, although no specifics were given as to what new styles or weapons will be delivered. Infinity Blade will also include a new online feature called “Clash Mob” where players will participate in a number of unique massively social challenges in order to unlock content such as rare weapons or exclusive items.

Lastly, Epic Games also announced Infinity Blade 2 will fully support iOS 5 and its services such as iCloud and allow players to enable profiles and the ability to transfer save games between iOS devices. If you’re a multiple iOS device owner, you know how frustrating it can be to play the same game on your multiple devices without continuing from where you left off on your previous device.

As of now, no price was given for Infinity Blade 2 but we can expect it to be released on December 1st, which is nearly one year when the original Infinity Blade was released on the iPhone.

  • Dennis Miller

    i hope the game is going to look this good on the ipad 2 as it shares similar specs to the new iphone 4s

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