iPhone 4S release date sneaks out early onto Apple site


Eager to hear about Apple’s iPhone announcement today? So are we, and so are some of Apple’s Japanese webmasters, by the looks of things. Official information about Apple’s Ginza store in Tokyo is announcing the iPhone 4S will be available starting 8:00 AM local time on October 14. That’s a date we’ve been hearing a lot about, and it’s likely to pan out for the U.S., and hopefully many other international markets on the same day.

We’re eager to hear more about specs for the 4S, and if it will be accompanied by a higher-end, potentially Sprint-exclusive iPhone 5, but with the announcement only 15 minutes away, we won’t have long to find out what’s going on. At least now y’all can start scheduling your day off to camp out in front of the Apple store.

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