iLuv WorkStation turns your iPad into a computer

iLuv WorkStation turns your iPad into a computer

Want to *really* beef-up your iPad? A simple Bluetooth keyboard isn’t good enough for you? You can also add a pair of speakers to the mix and turn Apple’s tablet into a true multimedia hub. That’s all cool, but you may crave for a “more integrated” experience, something that would almost turn your iPad into a fully fledged computer.

While that isn’t easily accomplished, perhaps the iLuv WorkStation could do the magic. It will place your tablet on a pedestal, which is nothing but a big (and powerful) speaker. Also included in the package is a keyboard, for those moments when you need to type some email, edit a document and so on. The end result looks really bulky but it will definitely make you look appreciative for Apple’s technology. The only problem is whether you’re willing to shell out almost $200 for the privilege.

Finally, when it comes to availability, iLuv WorkStation should hit the stores later this month. At the moment of this writing, I couldn’t find it on iLuv’s website

[Via: TUAW]

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