iPhone 4 now sells for $99, iPhone 3GS is yours for free on contract

In the midst of all the iPhone 4S news, Apple managed to sneak in some information about previous models of the iPhone as well. The iPhone 4 will now sell in the same 16GB flavor for $99 on a two-year contract. This is a pretty good deal considering just a few days ago the phone was twice as much, and let’s not forget, the iPhone 4 is still an excellent phone.

For the first time, Apple has a third iPhone model on the market. The company is still selling a phone from 2009, which in technology terms is the Paleozoic era, but it’s completely free on a two-year contract! Yes, you won’t pay but one cent in order to get your hands on that not-so-smart phone. This, however, is probably not a good investment. After months of data usage, the $99 you didn’t spend on an iPhone 4 won’t seem like much of a discount.

Finally, if you want to go all out with your smartphone purchase, the iPhone 4S comes in three versions of its own: the 16GB 4S costs $199, 32GB costs $299, and the new 64GB is $399. 64GB is another first for Apple, which usually just sticks to the first two storage options.

Those looking for some initial savings should be happy with Apple’s latest offerings. Are you willing to get an older iPhone to say a few bucks?

  • Mike McCarthy

    Wrong, the $99 iPhone 4 is only 8GB, not 16GB like stated in the article. 

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