Video: Tim Cook rehearsing for his first product announcement, the iPhone 4S

Yesterday was an important moment in Apple’s history, not because of the iPhone 4S, that’s probably the most boring product they’ve ever announced, but because it was the first time when we saw Apple’s new CEO on stage. Tim Cook is a man few of us are familiar with, though in time we’ll no doubt memorize his quirks and perfect our impersonations of the man who is now responsible for one of the largest companies on the face of this planet. For those of you who followed the live blogs, you missed the atmosphere Tim created in the room for the few hand picked journalists who were fortunate enough to be at the event. Luckily for us and everyone else, Apple is making yesterday’s announcement avilable both in streaming format, and for download (right click, save as). Now imagine the stress Tim must have gone through preparing for yesterday’s announcement. He has to prove to the world that he’s not just a smart leader, but a charismatic one as well. Apple’s stock price dropped 5% after the iPhone 4S was announced, how much of that do you think was because it wasn’t a stellar product versus Tim’s disappointing performance?

Like we said earlier, with time we’ll get to know Tim, but watching him speak for the first time really made it clear that no one can fill Steve Job’s shoes, and it’s a shame. Steve could get on stage and practically sell you anything. Yes, Apple’s other executives were there to help Tim present, but they’re not corporate leaders. People want to associate one man with a company. Microsoft had Bill Gates, Apple had Jobs, what happened after they both left? Does anyone really like or respect Ballmer? Will anyone like or respect Cook?

We’ll find out soon enough. Bring on the iPad 3 announcement in early 2012!

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