Google Nexus Prime video with Ice Cream Sandwich, new screenshots, and boot animation appear

Well, I’m just going to go ahead and say I’m pissed that Samsung and Google canceled the Unpacked event on next Tuesday, even though I can understand why. The Nexus Prime will not be seen there and we could be weeks away before the event is rescheduled. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that you can’t watch the Sexy Nexy in action right now, as a new video has popped up. The video shows off only the face of the handset, which is definitely running Android Ice Cream Sandwich but it looks like it’s also running some sort of home replacement application, oddly enough.

I was hoping that we would be able to get a look at the rear of the device, as it’s virtually the only part of the Nexus we haven’t seen at this point but we’re not complaining about seeing another minute and a half of Ice Cream Sandwich in action. While it’s entirely (and likely) possible that the previous video we saw was running an older version of the OS, this new video make it looks like the device is running a home replacement app of some sort.

From the Google Search bar to the application launcher icon, you can see differences within the two videos that make us wonder if this is pure Ice Cream Sandwich or not. The previous video also didn’t show the transition effects when swiping across application pages in the launcher, which is something you find in several home replacement applications, but for swiping through home screens. In all likelihood, this is ICS in all it’s glory, just with a few more tweaks throughout.

One thing is certain: The handset being used in the video is definitely the Nexus Prime. You can notice that the handset is curved several times in the video, leaving very little doubt in our minds as to what this guy is handling. Another thing that should get users happy, and incidentally, the reason I say Nexus Prime instead of Galaxy Nexus is that the lockscreen says, “no SIM card.” While the handset could be could be referring to a LTE SIM card, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is a GSM version of the handset.

If the video wasn’t good enough for you then maybe a handful of screenshots will do the trick. While we appreciate that the person shot the video below (in 1080p, no less), it’s unfocused the entire time. Hopefully these screenshots will paint a crisper picture for you.

If you still need more, apparently the Nexus Prime boot animation has been yanked and thrown on to the Motorola Bionic for all to see. Take it however you want.


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  • Anonymous

    that looks nice… too bad we have to wait more to see how it looks, my only hope is that is hardware¬†accelerated, it would be a win for me =)

  • Scott Holm

    Looks pretty nice, I hope the GSM arena specs are accurate. I’m on Verizon and have been waiting for this device since July when my contract was up. This better not disappoint!

  • Anonymous

    One huge mistake is Android doing is following steps of old Windows Mobile 6.5 when it comes to on screen buttons. I understand the idea is here to make those buttons “dynamic” in a sense, but in real world those Honycomb on-screen buttons weren’t too great on Honeycomb tablets. There are just so many potential issues with this design.

  • Anonymous

    that shit is lagging as hell..better the gpx be hardware accelerated

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