Facebook releases an iPad app – took damn long enough

Facebook is probably the last to have released an iPad app–for itself. Up until now, we iPad users have been settling for other applications, like Friendly Plus for Facebook. The alternatives have worked out pretty well, for the most part, but sometimes you just feel a little better about yourself when you know you’re using the official stuff.

So, why did it take so damn long? According to the NY Times:

So what took so long? Apple and Facebook have been in talks for months trying to resolve issues that came up last year when the companies disagreed about Facebook’s integration with Ping, Apple’s music-focused social network. Since then they have been caught in a stalemate over disagreements on coming projects.

Seriously? It was delayed because of Ping? Lame as it is, at least it’s out now. The app, naturally, is optimized for tablet use, which means you will be able to scroll around and use multi-touch gestures, and you’ll also be able to use the iPad 2’s cameras to shoot photos and video and upload them straight into Facebook via the app.

Looking to grab the app for yourself? See the link below, but note that it won’t be available for a few hours, so hold tight.

[Via: Facebook]

  • Paul

    Finally.. let’s hope they keep updating it with new functionality like they do for the iPhone..

    The alternatives weren’t all bad.  Ok Friendly Plus was crap but MyPad with its Twitter-app like interface actually worked pretty well.

  • I just download it. Not bad better then me having to go to the website all the time.

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