Android app downloads could surpass Apple by June 2012

In a recent study conducted by Xyologic, results show that in 2012 Apple will no longer have the advantage when it comes to app downloads, the Cupertino-based company will be surpassed by Android.

The study was taken last month, showing Apple holding its lead with 1.45 billion app downloads in that month vs 0.64 billion app downloads from the Android Market. Although Apple continued to hold the top position, Xyologic points out that Android was outperforming Apple in terms of monthly downloads, specifically in Poland, the Czech Republic and Portugal. Furthermore, the mobile analysis company believes in the coming months people will see a number of countries where Android becomes platform option number one, when it comes to the largest audiences.

Another fascinating bit of information is the Android Market will have more apps than the Apple App Store by August 2012. Both stores will have around 680.000 apps at that point, according to Xyologic’s calculations. Also, the number would have been much different if Google had not started cleaning up the Android Market from low quality apps. This is due to Google improving the Market tremendously when it comes to eliminating crappy apps, the monthly deletion rate has grown from 20% in November 2010 to 48% in July 2011.

Do you guys think these results hold any weight when it comes to the best destination for apps?


  • Well, I don’t think it would be easy to overcame apple but Android app are really good by my point of view and I would be happy if that will happen.

    • Jon Garrett

      why wouldnt it be easy to overcome? at one point Nokia & RIM were the top dogs and now they both look like they could go under any day now. Android came from out of nowhere and now leads ALL smartphones WORLDWIDE. 

  • Fvckyoudbags

    Ignorant people. Android is only “Leading” because it’s an operating system, not a phone. There are dozens and dozens of phones running android os, from a Multitude of manufacturers.

    Apple makes one phone, an mp3 player and a tablet. iPhone, iPod and iPad. All from one manufacturer. It’s not surprising that your ‘android’ has sold so many phones. Take any one single android based phone manufacturer and compare numbers.

    • Stevejobs

      iRetards will not feel special anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Now that looks like some really cool stuff. WOw.

  • Sdf


  • Unhuhuknow

    what up ngga? got a blk guy runnin the site……..but dog u wrong like the guy said, theres like 1 apple phone and theres like 200 android phones. Apple will maintain because this year they grew out by going to Verizon/Sprint. so next year im sure the Iphone 5 will come out with 4g and it will once again regain whatever, like always

  • Frank

    The issue with the Android platform is that there is less sales of apps then in the Apple app store. One way or the other developers bills need to get paid, so when there is less “return of investment”, then the interest will shrink. I think that that will be the biggest challenge for the Android app store.

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