blueSLR now controls DSLR camera with Android or BlackBerry smartphone

blueSLR has expanded from iPhone to support Android and BlackBerry handsets recently. By slapping their Bluetooth accessory onto the side of your DSLR camera, you can control shooting settings for your camera from your phone, as well as geotag photos and upload them to Flickr, Picasa, and other web albums.

Although cameras on smartphones are getting startlingly good, I think they’re just as useful (if not moreso) as a smart companion to big-boy cameras. Eye-Fi is doing similar stuff, which enables you to wirelessly beam pictures from their Wi-Fi-enabled memory card to your phone or tablet for editing or sharing. I’d be curious to see if Bluetooth fares any better than Wi-Fi for these kinds of transfers… Eye-Fi has the bonus of not needing an entirely separate accessory slapped on the side of your DSLR, but I imagine Bluetooth would be less of a battery strain when transferring pictures. Plus, Eye-Fi doesn’t offer any of the cool remote-control stuff.

For now, blueSLR only supports Nikon cameras, but they’re working on Canon next, at which point I’m definitely going to snag one of these. The blueSLR accessory for Android and BlackBerry is currently available for preorder for $149, but if you order before October 21, you get free shipping. Apps will be available in the Android Market and BlackBerry App World around the 24th., when they ship.

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