Did you buy an iPhone 4S? What do you think after the first day?

The iPhone 4S went on sale in Apple retail stores, wireless carrier retail stores and other retail partners on Friday. Did you buy one? And if so, after a whole day with it, what do you think?

Some of you might have upgraded from the iPhone 4, which proves that a dual-core processor, bump in camera specs and the addition of Siri were enough to switch. And some of you have switched from Android, BlackBerry or are purchasing a smartphone for the very first time.

Our IntoMobile West team camped out at the Palo Alto store on Thursday night and their efforts paid off: they were the first to get an iPhone 4S from that particular location, and dove right into it for your reading and viewing pleasure.

How has your experience been? Any regrets? Totally satisfied so far? Let us know by taking the survey below! And don’t be shy, you can rant and rave in the comments section below, too.

  • Anonymous

    It really sucks. I’m getting a Droid 3.

    • Anonymous

      Droid RAZR announcement on Tuesday should be interesting…

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for the iPhone 6S

  • Gotta love the haters. “I’ve never used one, but I hate it because I hate Apple. Oh I’ve never used a Mac either, but I hate those too.”

  • Djmuzi

    The Camera us much worst than on Apples released photos…diappointed

  • Tino72

    It’s a nice device no matter what the 2 yr olds posting say. Droid drones are the worst always worrying about what other people are buying and bashing them if it isn’t android. it’s a awesome camera and video. A true all in one device. Wish it would have been a redesign but will hold me over til next year. Pleased more than I expected.

  • MVZ

    Since Marin is waiting for the 6s I presumed the 4s unboxed device is up for grabs, I’m willing to put up with all the aggravations and take one for the team, how about it?

  • Ryan

    Being in IT, as many people can relate in my field.  Using Apple products anywhere outside of the Media world and your home is almost as painful as ripping off all your skin and jumping in saltwater.  Combine that with the companies unbelievable stranglehold on its customers via next to genius marketing.  You gain a little hate.

    I normally don’t attach myself to Brands, but in this case, I deattach myself from any Apple product I can.  So no, I will never by anything that has an Apple symbol on it. 

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