ComScore: 2/3 of tablet owners play games

Do you own a tablet and not play video games? According to a recent study by ComScore, you’re officially in the minority amongst tablet owners as their study has found 67% of tablet owners have played a game in September, 23% of which play games on a daily basis. As for other tablet activities, many tablet owners use their devices to watch short video clips, listen to music, and read e-magazines or newspapers.

This report doesn’t surprise me as Apple has recently been making a big push towards gaming on iOS devices. Given that Game Center is 67 million users strong and rising and my opinion that both the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 were developed with gamers in mind, it’s safe to say gamers have learned gaming on tablets is a great and worthwhile experience. As tablets begin to push the envelope in terms of what kind of visuals and speeds they can perform, such as the impressive benchmarks NVIDIA’s upcoming Kal-El quad-core processor have performed, more gamers are going to flock to these devices.

What does this mean for console and PC gaming? Nothing at the moment as tablets currently can’t perform as well as dedicated gaming consoles and PCs, but the experience tablets can deliver, when put in the hands of the right developer, can certainly compete with a number of console and PC titles. It also helps the tablet market is evolving at a more rapid pace than the PC and especially the console market as consoles these days tend to have a much longer shelf life than previous generations, especially when you consider how easy it is to carry a tablet device around. I don’t have to tell you how tough it is to get a Playstation 3 through airport security versus an iPad2.

  • I updated my phone to 7.5 and it is now useless, keyboard disappears all the time, the battery life is crap now ?!?!?!, and it freezes all the time. I have had most of the bugshere… going back to IOS where I should have stayed after my contract is up, Im trying to see If I can get out of it as basically the phone they have given me is “not fit for purpose “Microsoft needs to sort this crap out…………………………………

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