Instapaper updated for iPhone and iPad with pretty new tweaks and features

If you like saving articles you find online for reading later, or for offline reading, chances are your app of choice is Instapaper for the iPhone and/or iPad. It’s ridiculously easy to use, the interface is clean and simple and it just works. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t room for improvement, and today Instapaper 4.0 was introduced with a few new upgrades.

The design has been reworked to be more visually appealing, especially for navigation on the iPad. The new grid orientation is a little nicer for a quick glance at your articles, too. For the iPhone, the top navigation bar has been removed, with the option to add it back in if you want, so that your smaller screen has all the real estate it can use for content.

Another nice addition is the option to look up words or phrases in Wikipedia. You’d select words like you normally would to use the dictionary, but the option to find it in the world’s largest online encyclopedia will now be there, too.

Overall, this is a gorgeous and welcome update to Instapaper. It’s available in the iTunes App Store now, and if you haven’t purchased it yet, what are you waiting for? It’s awesome.

[Via:, iTunes Link]

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