The last big thing Steve Jobs was working on before he passed away was the iPhone 5

Earlier this month we were deeply saddened to report that Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer and passed away at the age of 56. All the conversations around Android versus iOS versus Windows Phone seemed rather pointless in comparison to the death of a man who possessed such incredible vision. Now that it’s been over a week, it’s time to move on and talk tech again. There’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that Steve Jobs told his successor, Tim Cook, which direction Apple should steer themselves toward over the next few years. Apple’s roadmap until the end of 2013 is probably already set in stone, and after that who knows where the company will go, but what we really want to find out is what was Steve Jobs last big project? According to C|Net, who cites a research note published by Ashok Kumar, it’s the next iPhone.

The next Jesus Phone, which we think will likely be called the iPhone 5, is set to have the same dimensions as the current iPhone 4/4S, but it’ll have a larger screen, 4G LTE support, and will sport a completely new design. An unnamed source who spoke to C|Net says this about the iPhone 5:

So now the next obvious question is when will this thing be announced. Up until the iPhone 4S, it was very easy to predict when Apple would announce the next iPhone. Now things are different. If Apple intends to ship the iPhone 5 in time for the holiday 2012 shopping season, then they could announce it as late as November. If iOS 6 has features that can only be shown off on new hardware, then maybe we’ll see it announced in the spring and then ship during the summer. There are too many variables here to provide an accurate prediction, but stay tuned, we’ve got our eyes on every piece of Apple news floating around the net.

  • I saw the 60 mins show the other week and the man who has written his book said Jobs wanted to make a big splash into TV so maybe he planning that.

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