Leak: Motorola Droid RAZR images leak thanks to clueless public relations firm

In a little over 9 hours Motorola will start live streaming their announcement of a new product dubbed the Droid RAZR. We have a rough idea of what it’s going to bring to the table. It’ll have a large screen, possibly 4.3 inches, and said screen will have an ultra sharp resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It’ll also connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE network, have a dual core processor, and whatever else the latest super phones pack inside. What makes the RAZR special however is that Motorola is brining back the RAZR name. Remember the original, the one that launched before the iPhone was ever announced, the one that redefined what a phone can and should look like? The Droid RAZR will probably be stupid thin, and judging by an image that leaked showing the device off, carbon fiber will be one one of the materials used to make the RAZR one of the more unique Android smartphones on the market.

The story about the image above is more interesting than the device itself. Companies contract their web design and marketing initiatives to third parties. The logic goes something like this: Why build a team internally to do something when we could just hire a firm who is best of breed in their respective industry to do the job? So Motorola hired a public relations firm to setup a countdown timer for the Droid RAZR event, knowing full well that such a marketing technique has the same effect on geeks as a bright lightbulb has on mosquitos. What they didn’t bank on is that said geeks know how to read HTML, and in the webpage on said countdown timer … what do you know, there’s a photo of the Droid RAZR.

Anyway, expect us to bring you the latest on this device in just a few short hours. What’s awesome is that a few hours after it’s announced, Samsung will show off the Galaxy Nexus!

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