Swype BETA 3.26 rocks automatic updates, additional languages, refined key layout and more

Swype BETA 3.26 rocks automatic updates, additional languages, refined key layout and more

Swype is out with a new version of its popular virtual keyboard app. Perhaps most importantly, this release supports automatic updates directly from within the application, allowing you to break free of the SwypeInstaller, save your dictionary and settings, and get notified when a new update is available.

Then there’s support for 11 new languages and now all languages are split into 4 regional downloads, plus 1 with all regions combined:

  • Americas: US English, Spanish, French Canadian, Brazilian Portuguese ~5Mb
  • Western Europe: UK English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish ~10Mb
  • Eastern Europe: US English, UK English, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak ~9Mb
  • South East Asia: US English, UK English, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese (Simplified), Filipino ~8Mb
  • All Regions: Includes all 23 languages from the regional language versions. ~21Mb

Key layout has also been refined and numbers are now located along the top row of keys, similar to a traditional keyboard. Moreover, the “Globe” key has been removed from all BETA builds (until we can make it an option in settings), while the symbols layer got a second page (accessible by tapping the 1/2 key on the left).

Finally, there’s a new, reformed “Settings” page which can be easily accesses by long-pressing the SWYPE key…

  • Payn

    Tried the new version, found a light bug. Western Europe has Brazilian Portuguese (Brazil is not in Europe at all) but not just Portuguese (which isn’t the same and Portugal is the country most to the west of europe). Found it with the All Regions version though.
    Not the first time i had some issues with this, there was a version before that hadn’t have portuguese at all (but was supposed to).
    That said, i love swype. Was one of the reasons why i got an android device and not an iphone.

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