Giveaway: Win a 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from IntoMobile and Taptu [Update]

[Update: A winner has been chosen and contacted. They now have 48 hours to respond to our email. If we don’t receive a response within 48 hours, we’ll proceed to select a new winner.]

Welcome, folks, to another IntoMobile giveaway. That’s right – this is the time where we selflessly give away stuff that we totally would love for ourselves to you, our dear and beloved readers. This week we’ve got a 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to give away courtesy of the fine folks at Taptu who are celebrating their app being featured in the Android Market and Samsung Apps.

If you’re unfamiliar with Taptu, it’s a news reader app that allows you to mix and merge your favorite news sources, blogs, and social network streams such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to create a stream of content completely customized to you. Taptu also makes it easy to share any article within your stream with your friends.

Now that you know the what, who, and why, here’s how you can enter this week’s giveaway:

  • Follow Taptu on Twitter OR “Like” Taptu on Facebook
  • Follow IntoMobile on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook
  • Download Taptu from the Android Market or Samsung Apps
  • Once you’ve used the app, leave a comment below of what your three favorite topics are on Taptu.

We’ll be accepting entries from the time this giveaway is posted until 11:59pm PT on November 1st. We’ll be randomly choosing one winner who followed all four steps listed above on November 2nd. We also ask that you please enter our giveaway with a working e-mail address as we will contact winners via the e-mail address used when commenting. Here are the full rules for our giveaway:

  • You must be 13 years or older to enter.
  • This giveaway is open to North America and UK residents. Yes, that includes you, Canada.
  • You will have 48 hours to claim your prize. If you don’t contact us within 48 hours, then we will proceed to choose a new winner.
  • Contest provided by IntoMobile. Prize provided by Taptu.
We also thought it’d be nice if you’d follow our team on IntoMobile. It isn’t necessary in order to win this prize pack, but you’ll surely be entertained by our knowledge of the mobile space, tech,gaming, and anything else we decide to share on Twitter.


  • Jennifer Billings

    Fantastic App.  Love having everything in one place.

  • vanessa Martinez

    3 Fav topis on Taptu are Grand Theft Auto V Annouced, Surfer Tent Hybrids, Acer’s 7″ A100 & 10″ A500 Tablets to get ice cream sandwich

  • Android tablet users to get free articles from top mags, Garmin launches its first fitness app for Android, Do you wish your Android phone looked like a Windows Phone?

  • Sophanna Kuch

    All my relevant news in one place! Easy to navigate with an attractive interface. Pictures look really nice on my Galaxy S II. Drag right to refresh all sources is a nice feature too. Very nice app overall! 

  • Wow, very nice app. Facebook, twitter and my huffington post all together….sweet. Thank you Taptu.

  • Wplatham

    I like being able to get my 3 favorite topics, tech and gadgets, sports, and my social network connections all in one app. Very cool. Good to see an innovative idea like this out there on the market.

  • Matt Thompson

    Great App. My three favorite topics are Sports, Tech & Gadgets and Entertainment

  • Zain Muzammil

    Tech and Gadgets, health and fitness and Science. The three most used research topics used by me all at one place. Thanks Taptu

  • Dsorrell

    Social Networks, Breaking News and Entertainment Weekly would have to be my top three, but so much to choose from.  Nice app!!

  • Wow this is pretty awesome!!

    Surfer Tent Hybrids (tent obsession lol), One fizzy drink a day will make teenagers behave more aggressively & How texting can help change global healthcare.

    Thanks for the giveaway AND the app!

  • Outstanding app! i love having all my news in one convenient place! im my case its anything android, xbox or tech related…and sports if and when the NBA has a season.

    o and you gotta love the video taptu has on their market page

  • Gary S.

    OK, I’ll be honest. I’d never heard of this app before.  I just got it configured and I have to say that my daily news-checking routine will never be the same.  I now have all of my Google Reader feeds, Twitter, and Facebook updates in one app.  Nice!  This is a serious time saver.  I feel a little silly never having heard of this app before!  Very nice job!

    My three favorite topics are all in Tech & Gadgets:
    Mobile News
    Gadget Blogs

  • nick schommer

    android, mobile news. Nice to have everything all in one place rather than scattered around to a few different ones

    Thanks for the giveaway AND the app!

  • Sastover17

    Thanks, I think Taptu may become my favorite app from now on!!!  My three favorite topics are:

    Tech and Gadgets

    This would be awesome to win!!! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  • Brandon Bethea

    I like the Taptu app, DJ’ing your news is pretty cool. My three favorite topics are: Guest DJs, Travel, and Music. Thanks!

  • Christian

    my favorite topics are “tech & Gadgets, technology news and android.. also the ui is pretty nice  

  • My favorite topics are Music, Travel and Sports. this is a much needed app, thanks.

  • Great app.  I’ll take Gaming news, Android, and Comedy FTW

  • Whilst browsing for a news stream app to keep me current with all my tech news, I came across this lovely giveaway. Samsung Galaxy tab, how I’d love to own you.  Two birds, one app!  

    After browsing the topics I have picked three for good reason.
    Tech & Gadget : The purpose of installing the app.  To keep updated news in the tech industry.
    Gaming: We all need a little fun, it’s good to know where the best fun is.
    LOLZ:  A little laugh goes a long way.

    Thanks for keeping me updated with my news and giving me hope for a nice tab.

  • Judy

    My favorite topics are sports, tech and gadgets, and entertainment

  • PaulB

    My favorite topics are social networks, Health and Fitness, and politics

  • Anonymous

    3 faves: Android, Technology, Skiing

  • Science, Politics, and Tech & Gadgets are my favorite topics. But I also love the fact that I can integrate my FB and Twitter feeds so that Taptu doesn’t take away from my geekery elsewhere. It’s a win-win-win. On Twitter, that would be #winwinwinning

  • Shawn Reaser

    My three favorite topics are: Entertainment,Tech and Gadgets,Android

  • Paul R.

    I’ve never heard of Taptu, but i’m glad i caught this posting because i just found out Walking Dead was renewed for season 3! I’ve already customized my home page with my facebook and my three favorite topics are of course Android, Music, and Technology.

  • Mikiesatx

    1.HTC Event November 3rd
    2.Android Serves up 56% of mobile ads
    3.10 Features we want in Android 5.0

  • Alicia

    My three favorite topics are Healthcare and fitness,Social Networking, and Music!

  • Anonymous

    1.Social Network

  • I downloaded this a while back for my ipad, liked it, then lost it to my teenager. Glad to have it on my Android! My three faves are Android, Twitter and Pocket Lint.

  • Anonymous

    So far for me it’s: News, Android and Social Networking…

  • Anonymous

    Oh this is so awesome!! I just downloaded Taptu and checked it out, I’m sending this to my mom so she can check out the app as well, this is definitely something she’ll be into. My favs: Technology, Entertainment, Music. I also like both you and Taptu on FB (Amber H) and Twitter (roomofmyown). Thanks!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  • Robert Bell

    1) tech and gadget
    2) android
    3) music

  • Niko Pal

    There are too many good subjects! Music, fitness, and tech news.

  • 1. Android
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter

  • 1-Business

  • 1-Facebook
    2-Tech and Gadget

  • ttt 643

    1.Social Network

  • Anonymous

    Wait… it links to Google Reader and that isn’t even mentioned!? Or am I just outing my geek level with that question?

    Favorite Topics: Science: Space, Tech&Gadgets: Android, Lifestyle: For Men

  • MikeS

    1. Tech
    2. Music
    3. Social

  • Andrea Tejeda

    1. Photography
    2. Videogames
    3. Science fiction

  • 1-Sports

  • Cisco getting Ice Cream Sandwich, HTC Drops November 3 invitation, Motorola RAZR Handled with price.

  • 1.ubuntu

  • Dujai

    1. Video Games
    2. Science fiction
    3. Apple

  • Anonymous

    1. Tech
    2. Music
    3. Social

  • Erik Levine

    1. Android
    2. Lifehacker
    3. Tech and Gadgets by a Nomaad

  • Twitter, Facebook, and Fark all in one app. Way cool!

  • Edgar

    LifehackerTech,Sweet combo, 😀

  • David Lawson

    11. Android
    2. games
    3. Reviews

  • Abdulelah Almalhem

    2.Mobile News
    2.Technology News

  • Abdulelah Almalhem

    update: I’m really impressed about the app! 

    I did not expect that it is easy, smooth, and fast!

    I’m really considering ditching Pulse now 🙂

  • Amazing app: My favorite topics are not entirely original, but I’m a huge fan of breaking news, so my topics list is: World News, Breaking News, Headlines.

  • David H

    1. Intomobile
    2. Mobile news
    3. Wired

    Great app!

  • derekuda

    2. games
    3. lifehacker

  • Chris Chacon

    I rather enjoy the sports, Tech (Android specifically) and Music!

  • Freddy Dominguez

    1: I love that you can add as much as you want and it doesnt slow down and its easy to scroll.
    2. The Android news is a nice element that i havent seen before.
    3. I like the mix of news and social feeds ALL in ONE place <3

  • Trayes77

    Love the feeds and scrolling
    Like the plethora of topics
    Like the reviews
    Might switch to this app from Pulse

  • Marcus L

    1.  Business Gurus on Twitter
    2.  NFL by Taptu
    3.  Android by Taptu

    I’m really glad I downloaded this app.  My favorite part is having access to have custom twitter feeds without having to open twitter.  I used to use the Android App Mobile Buzz for my mobile news.  Now I can keep up to date with all the mobile news I like as well as have my twitter feeds along side it.

    Great app for those with newsfeed ADHD

  • Anonymous

    Really…I am only supposed to select 3? Well I hope I am not being cliche when I say my Top 3 are:

    1.) Most Shared
    2.) Facebook
    3.) Twitter

    Basically, this app allows for all the best things to be in one place and does it beautifully!

  • Kyle

    Android, Lifehacker, and IntoMobile for me!

  • Steve H.

    lifehacker and NFL

  • Xiaobid

    My 3 fav are: Facebook, twitter and Tech and Gadget

  • Heatherc191

    My favorites are The Onion, Consumerist, and Facebook.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    My favorites are the Tech & Gadgets, Twitter, and Politics

  • Tech & Gadgets, Android, Most shared.

  • Anonymous

    I am watching Mobile news, Twitter and Android!

  • Soosie

    I used TAPTU a lot when the Royal Wedding was on, but now I use if got my XBOX 360 games info and news, BBC news and Cooking ideas.

  • Well, I like the TO story and the daily Amazon free app… also the ICS review. Nice that Android is one of the default categories. Not sure about HuffPo being shoehorned in there, though.

  • Jasmine Dagg

    NFL Facebook and Scientific America

  • Gerardo Zamora

    I like android, movie news, and ign

  • Anonymous

    In no particular order: Headlines, Most Shared, Car and Driver.

  • Azlan

    Tech Gadgets, World News and, Intomobile

    Thank You

  • Philip Sam

    My favourite topics are Android apps,Gadgets and Football

  • sole contro

    Favourite topics: Android, Tech Gadgets and Most shared. Bye!

  • Gaurav Rajasekar

    My favorites are: 1. Android2. IntoMobile3. Lifehacker@grajasekar on twitter and Gaurav Rajasekar on facebook. 

  • StormbladeX69

    1. Android 2.Entertainment, 3. Tech Gadgets

  • Joshua Park

    My favourite topics are Android, Tech Gadgets, and World News

  • My favorite topics 
    1 Android
    2 Tech Gadgets
    3 NFL

  • Algee615

    My favorite are android, laughing squid, and intomobile!

  • Heyyou488

    1) IntoMobile
    2) Tech News
    3) Tech Dirt

  • 1 Android
    2 Tech Gadgets
    3 Photography

  • tnolan

    Slashgear, nfl, and intomobile.

  • Anonymous

    Cricinfo, Engadget, Ephotozine thanks! 🙂

  • My three favorite topics are on Taptu are
    Android – Tech Gadgets – Entertainment

  • 1. Photography
    2. intomobile
    3. Tech Gadgets

  • Anonymous

    Most Shared-great stuff, Huff Post-don’t want it to take up a whole app, Nat Geo-need to stop and smell the roses

  • psipher

    Most Shared
    Sci Fi

  • Ali Shamsi

    my faves: Engadget, laughing squid, Tech Dirt

  • boobakiki

    I love: The Onion, Lifehacker, and Engadget 🙂

  • Jenny

    World News, Headlines and facebook

  • Cesar Perez

    1. android 2. music events 3. wired

  • Ls1982usgm


  • Jason Schmidt

    My favs are:




    the onion

    especially the onion!!

  • Engadget,  Wired,  Lifehacker    all great

  • ironick

    Lifehacker, SciFi, For men.

  • IntoMobile, Android Guys, NYT  😉

  • Android, Gaming Industry News, Mobile News

  • ign, scitech, android i think it is a verry good app

  • I love having access to The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and the BBC, and being able to wrap them all into one stream if I like!

  • 1. Intomobile
    2. Cnet
    3. Engadget

  • Anonymous

    I Like the IntoMobile android and NFL

  • Jared Smith

    Three favorite topics on Taptu:
    1. Scitech
    2. Space
    3. Android

  • cnorton83

    Engadget, IntoMobile and Android.

  • My Top 3:
    1) Android
    2) The Onion
    3) Maxim

  • 1. Intomobile
    2. Cnet
    3. Engadget

  • 1. IntoMobile
    2. Engadget
    3. CNET

  • CNET

  • Justin Peng

    Android, Maxim, Wired

  • me argo

    I’d say lifehacker, twitter (multiple accounts) and Intomobile

  • Adryan220

    Android(naturally), Linux(as im starting to learn it), college humor pictures(love their videos).

  • Sami Bouremoum

    1) World News
    2) Facebook
    3) Andoid

  • Rishabh Bhatia

    1. Photography
    2. intomobile
    3. Tech GadgetsChooosee me guys, looking forward to a new android device 😀

  • Floradaniel18

    1. IntoMobile
    2. Engadget
    3. Android

  • Floradaniel18

    1. IntoMobile
    2. Engadget
    3. Android

  • Anthony Higham

    My three favorite topics are on Taptu are:

    1) Social networks (facebook & twiter)
    2) Most shared (interesting to see what others are looking at)
    3) Engadget (like most people I love seeing/reading about new technology and gadgets)

  • My top 3 would have to be Gadgets, Facebook and Lolz

  • Colin

    1. Android App
    2. Android
    3. Facebook

  • Android, NFL and Tech Gadgets

  • Si Fudge

    Found some F1 streams, the Facebook stream is nice and tidy. Endgadget news is great too 

  • Kit12r

    Android, Lifehacker, and NFL!!! Actually a very cool app, have heard about it but glad I finally gave it a go.

  • Vismediak

    EngadgetAndroid App

  • thanks, please count me in

    I like CNET, Engadget, IntoMobile, Lifehacker

    john d

  • Sharonmarie

    Cheers, done all the above. Still working my way through all the streams but my favorite topics so far are Android, Most shared and also Daily Mail. 

  • blancdememoire

    Ok , my favorite topics are android ICS, the Galaxy Nexus and Siri. Thanks !

  • My three favorite topics on Taptu are Android, Facebook and CNET

  • Chris

    Good Blog, Android, Finance news

  • JazzEars

    1. IntoMobile
    2. TrendHunter
    3. Wearing It Today

  • Taffy

    Definitely my favorite topics are Ice Cream Sandwich, Galaxy Nexus, and Engadget!

  • Katy

    I love intomobile, NFL, and lifehacker 🙂

  • My top 3? Engadget, CNET, IntoMobile.

  • Taptu is by far the best social networking feed app that I have ever used on my Android phone. My top 3 picks are IntoMobile, The Huffington Post, and CNET.

  • My top favorites are Facebook, CNET and Engadget

  • Nook Color,HP TouchPad and Facebook

  • My Favorites are 1.Engadget 2. Facebook 3. CNET

  • Shane Feely

    Taptu is awesome. Makes following news and other social sites a breeze. My top 3 topics are IntoMobile, Bloomberg, and NHL.

  • CNET, Engadget and Facebook!

  • Diana Benson

    Wow, wish I’d known about this app sooner. I love it. Favorites is easy breeze of Facebook, Twitter and I get my fix on Huffington Post.The 3 topics on Android regarding Version 3.3.11, Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich and the story on the first android phone cleared by Pentagon for government use. Love it all.

  • Kevin Murray

    android, mobile news, & space.  by the way, cool unique UI so far, easy to navigate.

  • Amph327

    Slain Detroit stripper family, mayor Kwame Huffington Post,
    Bring your photos to life with live photo Android,
    How to set up email signature on your phone, Android

  • Tech & Gadgets-Android (Obviously), News-Breaking News, & Gaming-Gaming News!

  • Anonymous

    The UI is very nice! I can’t believe I had not used this app before. 
    I’m loving the following streams
    The Awesomer
    I had to share the following articles 
    NFL – Raiders sign free agent TJ Houshmandzadeh
    The Awesomer – Swing Table
    IntoMobile – Quad core phone dreams

    Keep up the good work guys!!!

  • 1) Twitter
    2) NBA (Where nothing happens)
    3) NFL (Where games still happen) LOL

  • Music, Tech & Gadgets, and Social Networks.

  • Anonymous

    Dang sexy interface! ReadWriteWeb, USA Today, Headlines are my top 3 so far. 

  • Anonymous

    Dang sexy interface! ReadWriteWeb, USA Today, Headlines are my top 3 so far. 

  • Facebook, Twitter and E-mail 

  • I Follow Taptu on Twitter and “Like” Taptu on FacebookI Follow IntoMobile on Twitter and “Like” us on FacebookI Downloaded Taptu from the Android Market 

  • I Follow Taptu on Twitter and “Like” Taptu on FacebookI Follow IntoMobile on Twitter and “Like” us on FacebookI Downloaded Taptu from the Android Market 

  • Christopher McNair

    Facebook, Tech & Gadgets and email

  • I did all 4 steps! My twitter handler is @andaq22. As for my top 3 topics, they are: Facebook, The Wall Street Journal and NFL. Hope I win!

  • Jonny459

    1) Facebook
    2) Twitter
    3) NFL

  • Don

    1.  food blog
    2. tech and gadgets
    3. most popular

  • 1. facebook
    2. android
    3. machinima on youtube

  • Has anyone been told they won?

  • I’d respond quickly. Really quickly. 🙂

  • Gary S.

    Yeah, has the winner responded yet?  Give us a crack at it if they haven’t!

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