Samsung Galaxy Nexus release date confirmed for November 17th in Europe

Well, it may not be the official release date for any of the US carriers but we can now expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Europe by November 17th. The date was announced informally at the recent Galaxy Note event from Samsung and while it’s not as soon as we’d like, a solid date is a solid date and we’re not really complaining.

Whether or not this date will be the same for any US release remains to be seen but the rumored date for Verizon’s LTE variant has been pegged (a few times) for November 10th. Either way, we’re about three weeks away before the official debut of the Galaxy Nexus in some form, and there’s still a chance that a US release could pop up even sooner.

Now that we know that the handset officially isn’t exclusive to Verizon, those waiting in the US should wait it out a bit longer and see what carrier announces the Galaxy Nexus next. Moreover, if you want the best deal, we’d wait to see what prices AmazonWireless and Wirefly offer the handset for when it finally debuts and all of that waiting could be well worth it.

Who’s excited?

[Via: Droid-Life]

  • had to take a sharp intake of breath when I saw the uk price on Amazon, £500 really was my top limit (i wanted to pay close to £450). Hope that it will fall after launch

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