Yahoo releases Livestand digital magazine iPad app [Video]

Yahoo today released its own magazine-like app in the iTunes App Store, called Livestand. The new offering is suppose to deliver a more intuitive way of how users interact with the content it finds, with better photos and videos the company claims to be “visually stunning.”

The new Yahoo magazine app offers some pretty interesting features, which include the following:

  • Inline videos and photo galleries are displayed in a unique way always tailored to what will look best on the iPad.
  • Fresh Content: Articles, photos, and video update constantly. Headline news, stock quotes, and Twitter feeds update automatically.
  • Make It Personal: Create your own “Personal Mix” magazine of your favorite topics from Yahoo! and around the web, whether it’s science headlines or the latest design trends.
  • All About You: With Yahoo! Today, exclusive to Livestand, you get a personalized serving of your daily basics: weather, stocks, horoscope, and TV. Add the titles you want to “My Library”.
  • Up To Four Unique Profiles: Everyone in your family can have their own personal Livestand on the same iPad.
  • Spread The News: Share your favorite articles by email or on Facebook right from Livestand.
Try this thing out and let us know how you like it!

Check out our video below of the final product for a good look at what you’re getting with this digital magazine and then check out the first time we saw it in February to see how far it has come.

Livestand from Mobile World Congress in February:

  • Will be interesting to see how livestand comes along… but imagining it won’t be a massive success?!

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