Samsung Galaxy Nexus to hit Verizon shelves on November 17th?

There are a handful of predicted launch dates for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus but the November 17th date has popped up yet again. According to the latest leaked Verizon document, the first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device could be yours in just two weeks time.

The last rumor we got word of claimed the handset would land sometime after Black Friday, so we can only hope that the screen above holds the true release date. There’s still a possibility that this is screen is faked but it would line the Verizon launch up with the European launch that was confirmed by Samsung last week. If we had it our way, we’d have the handset launch on the 10th as previously rumored but waiting one more week couldn’t hurt. Not too much, at least.

While we believe that the Galaxy Nexus will likely sell better than any previous Nexus handset, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have some strong competition to go against. The HTC Rezound and the Motorola RAZR are great phones set to launch around the same time as the Galaxy Nexus and it will be interesting to see which handset is adopted faster. Verizon’s Android lineup this fall is stronger than ever and once can’t go wrong with any of the upcoming LTE Android handsets. That said, I’ll only be grabbing Nexus Android phones from here on out, so the choice is an easy one for me.

Expect the marketing push for the handset to begin two days before the official launch in Verizon stores and we hope to see a huge Nexus campaign like we’ve never seen before.

As a whole, the Galaxy Nexus may not be quite as high-end as we were hoping but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great phone. The main draw from the handset is the untouched version of Android 4.0 and that alone makes the Nexus line worth it for many.

Let’s hope that the November 17th date holds true.

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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  • J Garcia

    thats preorder date. notice how they cut out the beggining of the sentences.

    • Maybe

      Possibly, but it also says online and in your…could be in your store. Could also be in your store available for pre-order on …. but i’m hopping it’s the former.

      • Anonymous

        I think if any date would be for pre-order, it would be the 15th. Who knows.

  • This phone will be the balls son! I have a Thunderbolt and I am going to upgrade to this. Remember it has 1.5ghz processor with duel core that has actually been underclocked. Root has already been established and therefore it will be simple to unleash it raw power right out of the box. I was exclusively an HTC guy but the thunderbolt nonsense and the fact the the Rezound is not on ICS makes this a no brainer.

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