62 percent of Americans using their phone for holiday shopping

Smartphones are becoming more of an important part of our lives seemingly as the hours and days go by. This year’s holiday season will be different then most, as 62 percent of folks are planning to use their mobile device to make a purchase, according to a U.S. survey conducted by Sybase 365 and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

More than half of the 1,000 customers surveyed claimed they’d make a purchase on their mobile device this holiday season if prompted by coupons, discount offers, text alerts, gift cards or loyalty points. One striking result that was discovered in the survey is how one in four respondents (25%) reported that they would be more likely to make mobile payments if the solution was offered by their financial institution. This would suggest people still trust their bank a lot more than other alternatives such as PayPal, a credit card company or Google.

Shedding light on this latest revelation, John Sims, president of Sybase 365 said:

“The results from this survey clearly indicate a growing appetite for mobile commerce services.” He continued saying “While we still have ground to cover in terms of widespread adoption, the momentum we are seeing provides opportunities for merchants who are seeking to increase revenue and customer retention by offering mobile shopping and incentives. “

These results shouldn’t really surprise anyone because mobile technology has grown tremendously when it comes to apps that offer consumers a better shopping experience, Google Offers is one that comes to mind. I do wish the survey conducted had more people though, because 1,000 people isn’t a sizable enough sample size for me.


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